Sunday, December 21, 2014

3 years ago

Three years ago I wrote my last entry for this blog. At the time I was trying to turn writing into a living even though I never wrote anything other than papers for my useless English degree and drunken, self-pity "poems" in a hidden folder on my laptop. I had some delusion that because I could manage a good grade on a paper for my undergraduate degree from a state school that I would somehow be able to make a living writing. Of course I couldn't actually think of any worthwhile content to put on this blog so I turned it into a scam. I would go on Blogger threads on 4chan to drum up traffic and clicks on my ads. I even sucked at that. I was a functional alcoholic working a shitty job at Gamestop. My life consisted of alienating my wife, taking care of my father who was recovering from brain surgery, and using substances and video games as a means of escape from reality. Things are a lot different now. I have a baby. I live in a different state. I drink rarely. I wipe people's asses for a living instead of kissing them. I'm happier now. My tits are smaller. I'm still with my wife despite a rough patch consisting of infidelity and manipulation and tantrums. No one will read this. It just struck me as funny that I happened to check how many views this blog had on this exact day. "Eternity is two people and a ham"